Electric Bike Report clip - Sea Otter Classic - Bimotal Elevate

Electric Bike Report, Ocotber 2021

"One that stood out from the rest was the Bimotal Elevate, a removable electric drive system that mounts directly to a bike's disc brakes..."
Bimotal engineers in assembly mode

Hardware’s in the House!

Custom designed parts for the latest revision of Elevate are here, and early assembly results are very exciting! ...

Electric Bike Action, April 2021

"On steep inclines with plenty of loose dirt, it performed as well as any full-production mid-drive bike we've ridden..."

Electric Bike Report, January 2021

"We are always excited about innovations in the ebike market, and the new Elevate from Bimotal is a premium removable powertrain..."

Auto Evolution, September 2020

"What makes the Elevate motor system so amazingly awesome is that unlike other kits, this one operates on a disc brake..."

Inceptive Mind, September 2020

"This special electric motor can be fitted to virtually any mountain bike that has (compatible) disc brakes..."

Electrek, September 2020

"Light and compact ... the motor weighs just 2 lb. Good luck finding a 750W hub motor that comes even close to that weight..."

Wheel Fanatyk, September 2020

"The elevated concept inspires... What if the rotor engages an electric motor that piggy backs on the disk caliper? ..."

New Atlas, September 2020

"While most involve swapping a powered wheel or wheel-roller, Elevate is different - it's installed over the rear disc brake..."

Pink Bike, September 2020

"Bimotal's system takes a different approach, using a toothed brake rotor and a small motor unit attached to the rear brake mounts..."

Bike Rumor, September 2020

"Virtually no modification, and not much weight either. Here’s what you need to know about this universal e-bike upgrade…"

Cycle Volta, September 2020

"Riders concerned about adding too much unsprung weight can remove and stow the motor and battery before descending..."