Building a Lasting Culture

Bimotal booth staff

Building a Lasting Culture

Just two years into its journey, Bimotal is emerging as an organization with a solid cultural foundation that cultivates thinkers, innovators and leaders.

Our team members comprise a wide range of backgrounds and extensive experience, each having distinguished themselves as resourceful, creative and talented in their respective fields before starting work at Bimotal.

One of the traits we have in common is intellectual generosity. Knowledge and ideas flow freely as they are shared in the pursuit of Bimotal’s efforts to move the needle in micro electric powertrain performance and utility.

Bimotal team members are also extremely curious and love to learn: many of us read books and technical papers on new topics and routinely dive into things well outside of our comfort zone. The same person who handles HR is also taking a course on dangerous goods shipping to improve logistical efficiency. We do what it takes! (That would be yours truly, the author of this post!)

Part of the Bimotal team at the Micromobility conference. (l-r) Toby Ricco, Lauren Duensing,
Jason Roesslein, Matt Rounds, Neil Flock and Paul Skilbeck.

Physical proximity has not affected this dynamic. With the changing work conditions of the past year we have observed that each of us is capable of working effectively either from home or collaboratively in the Bimotal office. Additionally, we managed a few strategic offsite and team building events to define and refine our mission, values and culture.

This is just the beginning for Bimotal, but already we have a connected team, and experiences marking our path to a sustainable and meaningful company committed to our mission. Let’s take a small tour of our journey.

Neil, Toby and Jason discuss next iterations of Elevate in our San Francisco office.

In September and October we had the opportunity to bring our product and culture to the Micromobility Conference and the Sea Otter Classic.  We showcased our first electric powertrain, Elevate, with in-person on-the-bike demos, and hundreds of technical demonstrations. 

Our booths at these events overflowed with people. We were heartened to receive consistent accolades at both shows. We heard from customers, industry, and media alike that Bimotal’s long term vision and the Elevate were bringing remarkable, innovative and disruptive technology to the market. 

Toby demonstrates Elevate to cycling media and industry at the Sea Otter Classic.

Booth attendees noticed the talent, passion and authenticity among our staff, and consistently commented on the quality of our team. In a couple of cases non-employees started hanging out at our booth and explaining our system to other customers, even going as far as helping fix our bikes, simply because they loved the product and hanging out with our team! 

The legendary Gary Fisher gives Elevate and Bimotal the thumbs up at Micromobility, with Toby and Asa.

We bumped into Asa Shoemaker at the Micromobility conference. She had so much energy and passion for bikes, and what Bimotal was doing, that in only a few hours she sounded like a full-time Bimotal team member as she explained our system to other visitors at our booth. Asa then made the trek to Sea Otter and volunteered at our booth, continuing to foster her relationship with Bimotal. The energy is contagious, we can’t wait to leverage our vibe as we add more talent to our growing team.

Following a strategic meeting and a bike ride (on a very hot day!), the Bimotal team leans in to collaborate
and be inspired in a more casual cool setting.

We understand that folding new people in and preserving culture takes time and effort. At Bimotal we will continue to be a dynamic, receptive and learning company that shapes, evolves and refines our culture. We notice the “culture eats strategy for breakfast” quote by Peter Drucker and understand its meaning: “No matter how strong your strategic plan is, its efficacy will be held back by members of your team if they don’t share the proper culture.” 

Bimotal provides a unique opportunity to have a high impact in a fast growing start-up. We invite you to look at our open positions and consider being a part of our team.

By Lauren Duensing

Lauren is the VP of Business Development and Operations for Bimotal. Lauren is an entrepreneur, executive and manager with 20 + years experience in business development, systems management, training and team building. Prior to Bimotal, Lauren helped get thousands of kids and coaches on bikes at NICA. Lauren is passionate about bikes, and is excited to continue her work of getting people outdoors exploring on two wheels.