Early Adopters Float Our Boat

Bimotal Elevate drive unit

Early Adopters Float Our Boat

We sent T-shirts to early adopters when they signed up for this meeting

We are privileged to have such great customers, and on April 29, 2021 we held an online event to show our appreciation. Informative, relaxed, candid, and thoroughly enjoyable: these are our abiding memories of this event.

About 20 people joined the call, and when we say ‘informative,’ this was a two-way street. Our engineers gave updates on product progress before the customer questions, which helped shape our thinking on some near-future goals.

Knowing how customers intend to use the Elevate helps us not only in product support priorities, but also influences our thinking about promotional work.

We hope to meet all our early adopters in person at events we’re planning to attend. We will post notices of these here on the blog and on social media.

Paul Skilbeck is Bimotal’s blog editor.

Photo credits: Bimotal Inc.

By Paul Skilbeck

Paul Skilbeck is an international consultant and writer in cycling and micro-mobility, with hundreds of published articles and a few books. He's organized events and journalists, and his advice to companies and organizations of all sizes has led to many successful outcomes. Paul enjoys life with his partner, his dog and several bikes in Berkeley, California.